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Auto-detect 19.9.2...?

Question asked by waltc on Sep 23, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2019 by waltc

I went over a moment ago to check on drivers for my 50th Ann 5700XT and instead of seeing a 19.9.2 driver download, all I saw there was an "auto-install" program of 27mb for Windows 10.  What's the purpose of putting this up instead of the standard full driver download?  I usually like doing it myself and stay away from auto-installers like this because they often goof and sometimes badly.  Is this a new trend for GPU drivers?  I see the chipset driver download includes a driver and not an auto-installer, so what's happening here? I already have 19.9.2 installed, and running the auto-installer it simply "All components are present"--which I knew before I ran the installer.