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Heres an idea Roll it back.

Question asked by warsun on Sep 22, 2019

To AMD support. Gonna make demand here. Restore the old driver 17.9.3 as the default. All other attempts to improve performance have failed. An when i say failed i mean i tried to run old games an videos. My system crashed. I warned you about giving all systems the same driver an thinking its OK. You thinking a 5700 is a default for old graphics cards like a 580 is insanity. Because the system keeps crashing.


I will say it again. Try running things in full screen or Windowed modes an you will see your system lock up. an shut down. It is the most frustrating thing to see. An if you ask me for my specs. No. You run the test first on your own systems. Ask your customers an let them reply. Then we can have some answers as of whats going on. Because i rolled back. WAY back. That is how bad the 18.00 an 19.00 drivers are.