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ryzen 3600 not working on b450m steel legend

Question asked by deynon on Sep 23, 2019
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A friend of mine is having issues with his new ryzen 3600. He is building an all new pc (nothing was used before in an other configuration). His motherboard is the Asrock b450m steel legend. I didn't expect it to work out of the box so i bought him an athlong 220Ge that he is supposed to give me back once the BIOS is up to date. We upgraded the BIOS to 2.50 (it's not the last version but every version that come after are not recommended by the constructor for every processor that is not a ryzen 3rd gen so we decided to stay on that version that came in July so should be able to handle a ryzen 3000). The update went fine and the computer could access the bios with the Athlon processor. At this point we had no OS installed on the computer since we were at first trying to get the ryzen to the BIOS. Then we installed the ryzen and sadly the computer didn't worked anymore (typical proc problem, the motherboard turn on, vents start to spin and after a little bit of time, it reboot and start it again). Am i safe at this point telling the processor is just not working and he should ask for refund? Or are we missing something? 


Thanks a lot for your answers.