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Stable Driver for RX 550

Question asked by pauloszmia on Sep 22, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2019 by mstfbsrn980

Hey guys.... When I update my RX 550 to version 19.9 my Desktop doesn't even start Windows, just black screen after MB logo.


  • Issue Description: Can't install any driver after version 18.12.2 from Dec 12, every new one my Desktop crash, can't do anything.. I need to enter in secure mode and desinstall, restart and install again 18.12
  • Hardware: I have a RX 550 2gb XFX, i5 7400, 16gb Kingston memory, Gigabyte H110m-M.2 MB, Thermaltake 600w and use a Corsair M.2 SSD
  • Software: The driver that i'm trying to install is 19.9.2 from AMD website, my Windows is Win 10 PRO Version 1903, I don't think that game version is relevant because I can't even start my windows... but just FYI, R6 Siege, Forza Horizon 4, COD MW Beta, all of them request a new driver