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Fan stop not working (Gigabyte 5700 XT)

Question asked by zcastagna on Sep 22, 2019
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I just got the 5700 XT OC and I am noticing that the fan stop function doesn't actually work at idle (drops down to around 20% and Gigabyte claims it should stop when it's cool). I've got the latest 19.9.2 drivers from AMD as well. I have afterburner installed and I am running a -100mV undervolt (peak target frequency undervolt) and at idle the card sits sub 40c.
I downloaded the Aorus engine tool and it says the BIOS of the card is F2. I noticed that on their website that there is an FA0 BIOS. Should this be updated? I've never updated a vBIOS before so I am hesitant to potentially break something. I do recall AMD breaking fan stop previously when I had my RX 570. Also using latest version of windows 10.