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Upto 25% Regression using official AMD drivers VS Stock Windows 10 with Vegas Video

Question asked by amd_64 on Sep 21, 2019

So I've tested with a clean install on Windows 10 1703 and latest 1903. This regression is consistent. When rendering a project my times are almost 25% slower using AMD downloaded drivers vs stock OS ones.


CPU: AMD 3900X
GPU: RX580
MEM: 32GB @ 3200


Windows driver - 1703 and 1903
Time to render project 6:10
CPU sits on 30%
GPU 100%


Using AMD 19.3.2-Mar14 and AMD 19.9.1-Sep4
Time to render project 8:45
CPU sits on 30%
GPU 75-80%


If I do a clean uninstall of the AMD drivers and let windows download it's version again my performance goes back up. However to run Davinci Resolve I NEED the AMD drivers.


So I'm in a catch 22. If I use AMD official drivers Vegas runs 20-30% slower but Davinci Resolve can open 
I stick with Microsofts versions and get 100% GPU usage and a good performance but Davinci won't open.


Please can someone assist?