pc shuts down when rx 5700 xt pcie 3.0

Discussion created by dragancz on Sep 21, 2019
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Sometimes when im loading in to the game (apex, space enginers etc.) computer just shut downs and cannot be turned on.. i need to turn off cumputer via psu.. i have 600w psu so it shouldnt be problem.. i tried to update bios a manually set from automatic pcie to pcie 3.0 but that didnt helped.. so i tried another pcie slot that is 2.0 2x4 and my graphic card worked fine even under heavy load..


driver version: 19.9.2

cpu: ryzen 1500x

motherboard: gigabyte ab350-gaming
connected 2 1080p monitors
1ssd + hdd
16gig ram
windows home edition latest version


what i have tried:
reinstalling windows
updating bios
changing psu and connecting gpu to 2x 12v lines
reinstalling drivers with ddu
i tried to watch temperatures and maximum was 80 celsius


only switching to another pcie that is 2.0. 2x4 helped