Weird Monitor resolution with RX 5700 XT

Discussion created by ben.hof on Sep 21, 2019
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I just bought a complete AMD configuration for desktop, built it, run it, and everything went fine, until i tried to go for my double monitor.


As stated in the title, I have a RX 5700 XT (Sapphire), which has 4 video port : DP, HDMI, DP, DP.


I installed the driver related to my graphic card, plugged my first screen into the HDMI port, and it went fine (except half of the screen that gets blue from time to time, until I switch focus between windows).


Today, i just went to the store, bought 2 DP cables, tried to plug my 2 monitors. The monitors are 2 exact same ones. 2K - 144Hz, which is the resolution and refresh rate I was expecting, as it was working fine on my previous computer.


When I turn my computer on, with the 2 monitors, one is completely fine, and the other is maxed at 1600*1200, windows does not even detect a higher resolution for it. At this point, working monitor is plugged in slot 1, buggy is plugged in slot 3. I wanted to check the ports / cables, so I switched the cable from slot 1 to slot 4 (and only this one) and I rebooted. After the reboot, the screen that's plugged in port 3, is perfectly fine (was not just before) and the one that is now plugged in port 4 has got the same bug as before, although that one was working fine minutes ago.


I could then conclude that it does not come from the screens, neither from the cables or the slot, but it seems that the graphic cards does it on the "last" plugged screen (from order 1 to 4). I checked online for solution, and the first thing I saw was the idea of re-installing the driver, which I did. During the re-installation of the AMD Radeon Software the bug fixed itself, so I was pretty happy, and tried rebooting => problem happened again.


The problem now occurs everytime I boot and i'm forced to reinstall the AMD Radeon Software each time to fix the problem.


Please give me any advice about this, it's my first time with AMD hardware, i'm both excited to discover, and afraid to see so many problems coming in (I had quite a few that I could figure out by myself before).



Cheers !