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Laptop blackscreen after installing Graphics driver

Question asked by kyron on Sep 21, 2019
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Hello there, and thank you in advance for reading about my problem. .

TL;DR: Using Windows 10 (Build 18362.19h1). I'm good on the Microsoft Basic Display adapter but as soon as I let my system install the latest drivers for my AMD FirePro M4000 (Version 15.201.2401.0), my screen goes to black and won't boot unless for safe mode (and rolling back to the MBD adapter will make me able to login again).

What I tried:
- Reinstalling Windows 10 several times
- Removing the not-working driver with DDU
- Installing drivers using Catalyst installer (Driver version 15.201.2401.0)


Due to my laptop (HP Elitebook 8570w) not booting, I decided that the problem must have been the hard disk, so I bought a new one (the primary hard disk check built in my laptop didn't pass and advised me to back-up and get a new one).

Since I had to wait on this new disk for a while, and since my laptop casing was considerably damaged due to long years of intensive use (and some airfreight travel), I decided to transfer the entire motherboard to the casing of another laptop (which is a HP Elitebook 8560w, the same casing but just a little bit older). This was an incredibly tedious procedure but I have managed to get it done in the end.

The problems started to arise on installing Windows on my new disk. After the whole installation phase the laptop would go into preparing, I would hear the "new … detected"-sound ,and then the screen would turn black (no mouse visible, but the leds and fan would remain activated). Even after waiting hours and hours there was no change. However, I was able to log in safe mode and access the system without problems.

After some time of trouble-shooting I have condensed the problem down to the moment that Windows starts installing drivers, and more specifically, the display driver. If I turn my internet off / disable the automatic updating of drivers, I can use my laptop with the Microsoft Basic Display adapter. However, as soon as I either manually search for the driver in Device Manager or let Windows do its part installing the correct AMD FirePro M4000 driver, the same problem arises ("new ... detected "sound and then going to black).

As soon as this problem occurs, all I can do is log into safe mode and roll-back the driver to the Microsoft Basic Display adapter.

I had several suspicions, but also reasons to disregard these:
- A broken AMD FireProM4000 seems unlikely since by the looks of the device manager, the latest display drivers for AMD FirePro M4000 do in fact get installed.
- The fact that I now have the motherboard of the HP Elitebook 8570w laptop connected to the display of the HP Elitebook 8560w being the problem seems unlikely to me.
- Faulty drivers in my system, but since I reinstalled Windows 10 several times, I doubt this is the problem.

Although I have some experience in computers, I'm by no means an expert and there might be a fault in my logic. In any case, I am as of yet unable to fix this problem myself and I would really appreciate any possible input on how to come to a solution.


System specs:

AMD Graphics Card:     AMD FirePro M4000
Laptop:     HP Elitebook 8570w (but with casing/screen off Elitebook 8560w)
Operating System:     Windows 10 64bit
Driver version installed:    15.201.2401.0
Display Devices:    Not sure, but the motherboard is of the 8570w Elitebook and the displayscreen itself is of the Elitebook 8560w.

System board:    KBC Version 50.1F

Bios:    Hewlet-Packard 68IAV Ver. F.63, 27-4-2016

CPU/APU:     Intel Core i7-360QM CPU @ 2.40 GHz
Power Supply Unit:     AC adapter AF12  

RAM:     8.00 GB