Poor or null performance of USB devices (even not recognizes them)

Discussion created by gaberserk on Sep 21, 2019
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Hello. First of all sorry for my english.


I have an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X mounted in an Asus ROG X570 Crosshair VIII Hero (wifi).


Since first days I've observed that the performance of any USB port (and I mean ANY, internal or external) is very irregular. I don't understand why my old ASRock Z77 Extreme 11 with a i7 3770K squeezed all the speed of my external drives and this new system simply, is unable to do that. The drives with problems are about 15 drives and about 5 pendrives (Seagate, WD, Intenso, SanDisk Extreme Pro among, all of them are USB 3.0/3.1).


With the 3770K system I got from them nearly the theoretical maximum speed of them (approximately 150 Mb/s) with big video files. Even with a system with a Pentium J3805 the performance is about 90-125 Mb/s.


With the 3700X systen I got between 20-125 Mb/s, with many drops of speed and irregular performance. Even sometimes I got 'Kb/s speed' with this large files or not even go beyond the 70 Mb/s,


Today my system refuses to recognize any HDD or pendrive, does not matter the USB port. The sound of drive connected appears but is not recognized. Yesterday I have been transfering a lot of Gb to several of them with more or less acceptable performance (about 50-90 Mb/s).


I have installed (and reinstalled) the AMD Chipset Drivers many times (because this is not the only problem I've found since I bought the system). The BIOS of the motherboard is the last and all drivers are up to date. The OS is Windows 10 Pro and the OS have been reinstalled 4 times yet.


I wonder if AMD has chosen well with its own USB drivers or perhaps if it had been better to choose a 3rd party manufacturer for the USB.


I had waiting Zen 2 processors a lot of time to upgrade my old system and I feel disappointed with the overall system behaviour. Setting aside CPU performance, I feel that my old system (the i7 3770K with a Z77 mb) was much more stable, solid and consistent than my new system.

I dont know if these problems are related to an inmature platform or chipset drivers (in this case I'm worried about AMD quality tests). but today I'm feeling that I had to have bought an Intel platform and I have wasted an important sum of money for little or nothing in an inmature and very 'green' platform.


Now ... What am I supposed to do?   AMD would accept to return my money back?