why is my edc so high

Discussion created by kaitlin4599 on Sep 20, 2019
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im stumped i upgraded to a ryzen 7 2700 on my B450 tomahawk motherboard, before swapping out the cpu i set all bios settings to optimized defaults. put new tim on hooked up my 360mm aio, jumped into windows set power mode to windows balanced & made sure cool n quiet as well as CPU core boost were enabled PBO is set to disable in the bios. and yet at idle EDC is always maxed out any ideas? if it matters when i bought my tomahawk the box it came in said ryzen gen 3 ready below are pix of ryzen master hwmonitor as well as a cpuz screenshot so you can see what bios im on keep in mind im using the bios that came on the mobo when i bought it im stumped
i guess im just wanting some input dont wanna overclock my cpu till u fugyre iut why my system is acting up or if it even is acting up
edit using windows 10 1903