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Manually OC Ryzen 3k - when one Core of a CCX has a different speed then the others of the CCX = performance goes down(10-15%), why?

Question asked by clubmachine on Sep 20, 2019

just want to ask, maybe its just a software(microcode) problem:

when i OC my 3600(its just until 3950X), 2 cores r able to reach 4.4GHz with 1.4V, the rest only 4.2GHz, but when not all cores of a CCX has the same speed, the performance is weak, normally should be the performance goes up O_o


example: 4 cores run with 4.2GHz, 2 cores with 4.4GHz, the perfromance is runabout 10-15% less, then when all cores run with 4.2GHz... ***? but when everything is running "auto" the performance increases no matter all cores run at the same speed or 2 r faster then the rest... n tested it with different clock speeds(4x 3.8GHz + 2x 4GHz) , to make sure, its not because OC'd.