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5700xt bsod playing video and losing contact with global wattman

Question asked by wrothbog on Sep 20, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2019 by amdmatt

power color red devil rx 5700 xt
win10 home

r7 3700x with no manual overclocking

32GB g.skill tridentz rgb at 3200MHz

crosshair vi hero

corsair 860i psu

nzxt kraken water cooling

completely fresh windows install for the bsod's, i get video_scheduler and tdr_error bsods frequently with less frequent irql less than equal and others issues occur on 19.9.2, 19.9.1 and 19.8.2, i've been using the amd cleaner to change drivers and restarting at every step of that process.


these bsods can chain. i've frequently seen video scheduler OR tdr error reboot the system only to have the motherboard post into the other bsod or for the bsod to occur at the login screen. at one point before the clean windows installation windows essentially told me to try a fresh install as it was as sick of it as i was


secondary issue: global wattman loses synch with the GPU and stops managing the performance. the gpu has a zero mode fan setup so if they lose contact with each other there is no fan cooling as the gpu comes under load. it gets extremely hot quickly and the pc locks up and restarts. as soon as the software is no longer running the gpu's internal setup takes over and the fans instantly ramp to 100% to try and save itself.

this seems to be most frequent for no apparent reason on 19.9.2, on 19.9.1 it's largely after running dx12. sadly the rift home software appears it might be dx12 so it's impossible to use VR and the vr home essentially launches itself on startup immediately crippling the pc. that is resolved by unplugging the VR setup. but i specifically bought the gpu for VR


after nearly 24 hours of trying to make the gpu stable this is what i can relay. in my current setup i'm about to try 19.7.5, outside of windows packaged ins my pc has exactly 3 pieces of software installed, firefox, epic games store and borderlands 3. i need help.