Ryzen 3600 - stock voltage on full load concerning

Discussion created by rayo on Sep 18, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2019 by black_zion

To preface this, I'm not concern about the idle voltages like many in the past were. I'm well aware that the new ryzen chips can hit 1.4v or higher without issue. The problem I have is with the all core 100% load.


When running cinebench r20 for instance, my Vcore hovers around 1.36v to 1.37v and my SVI2 TFN (cpu core voltage) usually reads between 1.356v to 1.344v, sometimes even higher. Running stress tests like prime95, occt or aida64 results in those voltages dropping by about 50mv to 100mv, likely do to vdroop, but still high nonetheless. I used hwinfo and cpu-z as my monitoring tools.


Here's the thing, my sister's 3600 runs within AMD's specified safe voltage of 1.325v or below on all the above benchmarks (tested on my computer with same exact motherboard, bios, ram etc.). On the other hand, her cpu refuses to hit the 4.2 boost clock, so I'm not even sure what to think. When I put my 3600 in her machine conversely, we end up with the same exact result as before: seemingly too high a voltage, but now, it would seem, ruling out my motherboard as the culprit.


So my question is this: are my voltages too high? And if so, what would be done to remedy it.