Protip: Read your motherboard footnotes before buying hardware...

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I bought an Intel 660p 2TB drive to replace my two Samsung 850 Evo 1TB drives. It's meant to hold my media so it didn't have to be the highest performance of drives, and as we know the 660p is a great value, 2TB cost me $185. Anyway, got it in today, installed it, and noticed my WiFi card and sound card disappeared. There is an option in BIOS to run that PCIe slot at x1 speed and keep the other 3 slots, but alas with an NVMe drive, at least on this board (Crosshair VI Hero WiFi), that doesn't work, which is disappointing as 985MB/s (less overhead) exceeds what even an NVMe (especially more value oriented drives like the 660p) would need outside the server market.