Segfault in OpenGL on optional drivers...

Discussion created by timbeaudet on Sep 17, 2019
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I am developing a game and have found several reports of a feature breaking in the optional drivers (19.7.4, 19.9.2, perhaps others)  but working as expected in the stable drivers 19.5.2. It has to do with cascaded shadowmaps using OpenGL 3.2 Core profile.


atioglxx.dll!69554eb5() Unknown
[Frames below may be incorrect and/or missing, no symbols loaded for atioglxx.dll]
atioglxx.dll!69b2632f() Unknown
atioglxx.dll!69b26b7a() Unknown
atioglxx.dll!69c4ae65() Unknown
atioglxx.dll!69c3ef19() Unknown
atioglxx.dll!69c63dde() Unknown
atioglxx.dll!68be7d3b() Unknown
atioglxx.dll!68e50a92() Unknown
> turbo_boom.exe!iceImplementation::MeshImplementation::InstancedRender(int instanceCount) Line 1099 C++


Line 1099 of my code is calling glDrawElementsInstanced, with valid info - which works as expected when shadows are turned off in engine so I suspect not directly caused by glDrawElementsInstanced.