Mixed GPU, AMD resuming loudly

Discussion created by torquem on Sep 17, 2019

Hi everyone,


I'm having a very annoying issue, and I understand my situation is not exactly standard. First of all, here's my hardware:


Sapphire  RX480 Nitro @stock speed, unmodified


Nvidia GTX 1080Ti


I keep both cards as I need the AMD for MacOS Mojave compatibility  and the Nvidia for Windows. But we don't have to discuss this or why I have this setup right now.


In Windows 10, the AMD card, NOT connected to any active monitor, randomly turns off and on again, firing up the fans at full throttle for a few seconds. If I connect it to a monitor this does not happen.


I am using the standard Radeon drivers that come with Windows. In the past with my old motherboard I had the same issue with the latest drivers (at that time, it was June 2019) and since then I change motherboard and CPU and uninstalled the drivers, opting for Windows' auto installed ones.


I think this might not be not a driver version issue. I think I need toi set somewhere the card not to go to sleep even when not connected to a screen. Am I right? How do I do that, in case?