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Does RAM voltage affect Ryzen 3000 Temps??

Question asked by yazx on Sep 17, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2019 by yazx

Hi Everyone,


I have Ryzen 3700x paired with Tridentz Royal 3600@1.35v on X570 Asus Gaming-F Board, i OCed my RAM to 3800 @ 1.44v with tighter clocks than the advertised @3600, however, after many attempts at OCing, i came to a conclusion to leave it on Auto and enable PBO but set Throttling to 80 Degrees.


CPU temps are in the 70s while gaming with AIO Liquid Cooler, i know this is perfectly fine and very safe, but i saw many videos where the CPU avgs in 60s.

i'm not sure but does the RAM voltage affects CPU temps as i heard in one of YT videos that they are connected??