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In Multi-Gpu scenario, Primary GPU always performs better than secondary GPU

Question asked by sungeo on Sep 17, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2019 by pokester

In my software, i have a functionality to playback of images. This playback needs to maintain 30 fps.

My machine has 2 AMD WX5100 GPUs with 2 monitors connected to each GPU.

When one of the monitor is made the “Make this my main display” from Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display, then this GPU becomes the primary GPU and the other GPU becomes the secondary GPU.

After this when i playback the images in both the monitors, the monitor connected to the primary GPU gets 30 fps playback, whereas the playback in the monitor connected to the secondary GPU gets only 24 fps.


Now if the main display setting is reversed, the performance will also be reversed.


Why is this performance difference based on the primary and secondary GPU. Please help.