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5700 XT Anniversary Ediiton - Screen blacking out during games, PC crashing.

Question asked by coolmike90 on Sep 18, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2019 by coolmike90

Hey Guys,


Recently built a brand new machine and I have a 5700 XT Anniversary edition.

Drivers fully updated.


I play alot of League of Legends and I was having a sporadic, sometimes consistent issue (3 4 games in a row or 3-4 times in a game) Where the screens go black and I lose all audio and the machine crashes and I cant get it back up unless I reboot.

I reinstalled Windows again and freshly updated, had the issue for the first couple days and now it freezes out in the party screen when something happens, if I go to open the AMD software it just locks up. Sometimes I can close things out via task manager or it'll just freeze and I have to hard reboot. After the first few freezes it works fine and than next game I run into it again in the party menu.


I noticed it in other games also like Apex.


I noticed the GPU % spiking in NZXTs cam software to 130-180% and staying pinned.


I dont see anything specific in the event logs so I am not 100% sure what it can be.




Any help would be appreciated..