Apex legends freezing after drivers update

Discussion created by pepperxx on Sep 16, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2019 by hardreset

Hello there!, I'm slowly upgrading my old pc, earlier this year i got a rx570 graphic card, i play apex legends and im having this major issue after june update. The game freezes, everything seems to work fine but the game, which is stuck and always on top so it wont let me open task manager. On saturday i got a SSD. After installing windows my friend installed a different driver: Radeon Software Version 17.1.1. Which gave me no problems till I installed the one i should be using, Adrenalin 19.5.2. It Started freezing again so i had to go back on drivers. I'm well aware im not the onlyone getting this issue. Please can you check this out for next update.? I'm letting Respawn Ent. know about this issue aswell, ty. I'm sorrie if this not a problem of yours, i just dont want anymore time with this problem, have to try everything.