5700xt Premiere Pro / BSOD WATCHDOG

Discussion created by koffan on Sep 16, 2019
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When i do any task of heavy GPU Load and especially in Premiere Pro (timeline scrubbing, copying footage into timeline etc), the mouse starts stuttering and finally it freezes.


At this point i hear the GPU fans ramping up to max speed and then i get BSOD (WATCHDOG).


I have tried DDU, fresh windows etc etc etc.


This did not happen in the previous driver versions.


PS: Still some codec issues getting scrambled footage on certain clips, especially if theyre loaded with effects.




Please AMD fix these things once and for all, i have had this GPU since launch and i keep having to install my old GPU every week cause drivers arent fixed. Its effecting my income/work....


ASUS x570 PRIME PRO (latest bios)

32gb 3200mhz ram


850w psu

XFX 5700XT


All settings on stock.