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Threadripper 1920X heating after change on thermalpaste

Question asked by mikeandre on Sep 15, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2019 by mikeandre

So, after ~1 year of use, i changed the thermal paste 3 times . After 1st change, with the same cheap paste the temperature rised at 40 - 47 under heavy load. I used a cheap one (powertech ?). The second time, i got the Coolermaster Gelmaker which is better at performance at Watt.  During summer where room had 35 degrees. With the powertech sicne i used the CPU the temps were good. After i change again to powertech this summer the temps rised above normal without a reason. Now that the room temps are cooler , around 30 ~28, the temperature is higher than summer, with 35 degrees.

I have aerocool quartz case,

Asrocktaichi X399 mobo,

Corsair H115i for cooling

With iCue the temps at 40 makes the fans go loud, in Ryzen master the temps are at 51 - 52. I know it has some offset at reporting, but the Ryzen is the true one, and that the limit is 65. 

After some reaserch i though is the internal paste which might go bad and cant tranfer efficiently the heat to radiator. 

After all that, i am working on 6 Cores and low Volts but it doesnt affect high temps.

I have a graph of temps, where i just run a virus scan, with the 3 fans on front at high speed and open case at front.

The temps rise, corsair auto bump the speed at max, then after some time it drops to 38 again and goes silent.


So what should i do? Change the paste? Change cooling? Delid CPU?