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Windows 10 gets corrupted while installing AMD GPU Drivers

Question asked by baerat on Sep 15, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2019 by readyfuels

So last night I removed my GTX 1060 and installed my new ASUS Vega 64. I just booted back into Windows and installed the AMD Radeon drivers from AMD's website. While updating the drivers my screen turned black for a little (that doesn't raise any alarms obviously). But it stayed black and after a while my PC just shut down. When I rebooted back into Windows my pc got stuck at the Windows starting screen (scanning and repairing drive D: 100%). Then I booted into Safe Mode, backed up all my important data, formatted my drive and installed a fresh installation of Windows 10, only to have the same problem again. I also tried DDU'ing my drivers but to no avail.


How can I get my Graphics drivers installed without corrupting my PC?GPU-Z screen