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low Gpu Usage = low Gpu Clock ? Can that be changed?

Question asked by berndh on Sep 14, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2020 by assiduous

Since 1 Week I have the Powercolor 5700 xt Red Devil. I had a RX 480 Sapphire Nitro before.

I have tested the GPU on several Games now.

my Sytem:

CPU r5 2600x, MSI x470 Gaming Pro, 32 GB Ram 3200 cl 16, Power 750watt be quiet, Win 10 64bit

In Games like Witcher 3, Tomb Raider ( Rise , Shadow) the GPU is running good and as expected.

The5700xt ist much faster then the RX 480 in this Games.

Mostly i am playing Racing Simulations, like Assetto Corsa (AC) , Assetto Corsa Competitizone (ACC) or iRacing....

In these Racing Games the 5700xt is running NOT good compared to the RX 480.

And when i looked at the Sensors i saw that in all 3 Racing Games i had not nearly Full GPU Usage, and it seems that the 5700 xt is reducing the GPU Clock when the Usage is not 100%.

So the FPS compared to the RX480 are very similar like with the 5700xt.

I play the Racing Games on 1920x1080 144 hz Freesync Monitor, and want the FPS as high and stable as possible around my Freesync Range from 52-144hz.

I was thinking with this upgrade from rx480 to 5700xt, i can run higher and more stable FPS with the same settings

, or that i can run higher settings if the FPS would be high enough.

Especially bad is Assetto Corsa Competitizone (short ACC).

ACC is a newer Game from summer 2019 with good Graphics, and also very demanding Physics, when i am drive against 28 KI Drivers i am CPU limited, and the GPU usage is only between 50 -75 % with the 5700xt.

And my FPS are only between 55- 80 FPS during a Race, and GPU Clock is all the Time very low (1000-1400 mhz) but never on 1800-1950 mhz like on other Games.

With RX 480 i had similar FPS on the same Graphic settings.

So it is like i had no upgrade with the 5700XT at all...

For Example, in the Witcher 3 i had 100% GPU Usage and GPU Clock was running without problems on ~1950 MHZ with good Temperatures and good FPS.

In the Racing Games, i had Usage between 50- 75 % , and the Clock is sometimes on 900-1200 MHZ or shortly on 1500MHZ.

Is this a "new feature" for "saving Power" with the 5700XT?

If yes, i dont like this, when i am Racing with KI or online, i want the max FPS ( i cap the FPS on 144fps) and i want my Card to run as fast as possible.

I did not find any settings in Wattman where i could change this behavior, can i somehow choose at least a minimum Core Clock , or how can i change that the GPU is not downclocking only because the GPU Usage is not 100%?

At least i want to CHOOSE if the Card is running on full speed or throttle down, or i want to choose that the GPU Clock don´t go down so quickly as it is now

for example that if usage is above 45%, GPU is running full clock, and below 45% it start to throttle down...

For my Racing Games i want Full Power for good and stable FPS even when the GPU Usage is low.