Random crash and flickering our of nowhere - RX580

Discussion created by -hype_x7 on Sep 14, 2019

I was playing Assassin's Creed 2 right now with nothing running besides the AMD software that I always leave on the Wattman to see the behaviour of my card. I was playing normally when all of a sudden the screen started flickering between the game image and a black screen. Then the game just closed out of nowhere and even the AMD software closed. The flickering kept happening and I was also hearing the beeping noise when you plug something to the computer in and out. I restarted my PC and am even doing an antivirus scan, because this was perfectly fine and it terrifies me that this happened without reason. I'm really paranoid and I am kinda panicking, so that's why I wanted to know if this happened to someone else. Another strange thing is that I went to check my driver Radeon software version and it says 19.10.26 and I can't find a 19.10 version anywhere. 
This beeping noise and screen flickering only happens when I update the driver, but I was playing and I never pressed anything to update it. Can someone put my mind at ease about this?
Is it possible that this 19.10.26 version got released right now and for some reason the software updated automatically? 


* I also noticed while everything was ahppening that for a moment I lost internet connection and even tht volume icon on the lower left corner was disabled as if nothing was connected I think