Ryzen 3700U running hot

Discussion created by mortimus on Sep 14, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2019 by qwixt

Bought a new laptop with Ryzen 3700U. Swapped out the thermal paste and did a stress run on CPU-Z. Really heavy load made it go over 90 degrees Celsius peaking at 97.

While hitting 97 degrees the processor went up to 3,9 GHz which is really high for a laptop. Obviously the laptop didn’t thermal throttle either.

These are the temps under different load;
Idle - around 40
Gaming - around 70-80
Stress test - around 90

The laptop is very thin - there is not much room for cooling.

Should I be worried about the temperature and the thermal paste application? Ryzen claims max operating temperature to be 105 degrees.

Did I mess up the new thermal paste application or did the new thermal paste make it possible to even hit 3,9 GHz? What are your guys opinions?