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Ryzen 3400G Windows 10 constant crashes

Question asked by antz123 on Sep 14, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2020 by inhib

Ryzen 3400g + Asus B450 a prime + 8gb X2 GSkill Ripjaw + Corsair 550w


Things done 


1) windows memory Diagnostic - full run - all good 

2) bios updated to latest

3) used two different windows build just in case one was faulty, March 2019 and Aug 2019 builds. (Pro Version) 

4) reinstalled windows 5 times 

5) reduced ram from 3000 to 2133

6) got Last released Graphics version for 3400g from Amd website (26.20.13003.1007)

7) got software option from Amd that detects automatically and gets best driver option 

8) let windows update driver that it seems as best option in windows update. 

9)did sfc scan some errors but checked logs some defender files. Did dism and got clean health. 



Sometimes runs for 1 min, sometimes at max 10 mins, sometimes crashes on start up itself.

Random freezes, black screens, no response situations, green screens, bsod (video scheduler internal error). 


Kinda really stuck.  


Any suggestions welcome.