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19.9.2 5700XT+ Artificat+  Blackscreen + ColourfulScreen Rainbows Everywhere maybe . Not kiddin  on Freesync In Game

Question asked by mainakcrixallis on Sep 13, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2019 by mainakcrixallis

So a fresh Install  DDU since last night . and i have run into 4-5 blackscreens . i can keep my freesync on + enhanced sync on . it wont blue-screen . but it black screens now . . I edited the post ..  

And Hw accleration works good now . no issues  in Youtube / Discord / Steam / overwolf


#2 After Edit .


I had Dota 2 in my background . and youtube running . i had Freesync and enhanced sync on .. Im on stock settings as usual .  my screen froze .  the sound started  doing DRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.. then this screen showed up . and i had to restart .. 




Reference 5700XT

windows 10 1903 latest build

i7 2600k

PCIE - Gen2 - Mobo Z77A-G41 . Potato 



Please have a look at the Video Down Below