I think I have a defective 3600X?

Discussion created by redfive on Sep 13, 2019
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My computer recently started suffering a string of BSODs, most of it service exception errors. First things first ran memtest86, memory did not suffer any errors. Pulled the memory sticks out ran on single stick, still getting BSODs. Updated the drivers to the latest version for Graphics and the chipset on my X370 board. Still having problems. Purchased a new SSD and did a clean Windows install of Windows 10 1903, still having issues. Yanked all the devices that were not needed for my PC to function hard drives, tuner card, etc and swapped out the graphics card for a spare, still having issues. Loaded up Ubuntu 18.04 on a USB, the system just suffered an error window would appear randomly. Next I talked to a friend that has been in IT for years, he thought it is most likely the motherboard, so I picked up an X570, still getting BSODs with a new copy of Windows 10 installed. I also ran prime95 on it for more than an hour, that did not crash the PC at all. Attached are the Windows minidump files. Thanks for the input!



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