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Switching graphics cards with each other while playing games. Dedicated AMD Radeon 550X and between integrated Intel UHD graphics 620.

Question asked by džanek on Sep 14, 2019
Greetings community,
I have a problem, I bought a gaming laptop, and I have there dedicated card AMD RX Radeon 550X and integrated Intel UHD 620.
And the problem is that when I want to play a game that is more an annuly, so I'm going to the AMD RX Radeon 550X, but after a while it starts terribly much to mow, because of the fact that they will switch to me nothing graphics card with each other.
That I play normal on AMD but after that I play on Intel graphics.
And as a result of switching to the integrated graphics, I'll get it.
I tried disabling Intel graphics did not help it, I tried uninstalling drivers from Intel Graphics did not help it, I tried new drivers to AMD graphics did not help it.
Anybody know what to do?
If so please advise