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5700 XT freesync causes "no sensors" crash

Question asked by hexoblivione on Sep 13, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2019 by hexoblivione

I've read about what seems to be endless variations of this, with freesync, without fressync, with 75Hz displays, or just booting and having no sensor data and a card in an unmanaged state.  But mine seems to manifest a little bit differently.


The just of it is, aside from getting into a state where my desktop flicekrs like mad (always when changing settings in order to debug this hot mess) the card seems to be stable, at least in that I'm not getting bluescreens.  But, what does happen is, any time I enable freesync, and then enter a game or demo, immediately upon exiting back to the desktop applications lose all access to the card's sensors and it goes into that "unmanaged" mode where performance is tanked and the fans behave oddly.


I'm using a dual screen setup with two 144Hz screens on DP 1/2.


The lower the screen refresh, the faster this occurs.  At 144Hz, it happens when exiting the game.  At 120/100Hz it happens a few seconds after the game starts.  At 60Hz it happens almost immediately upon entering the game.  Another oddity here is that aside from rebooting, there's no way to fix this state EXCEPT in 144Hz, where the sensor readings seem to return a few seconds after re-entering the game, and then disappear again when exiting the game.


This happens on every driver I've tried.  


Has anyone else seen this behavior?  If so, were you able to make any sense of it or work around it?  I'd like to actually use freesync since I specifically bought that card for that feature.