Normal Prime95 with Ryzen 3700x behavior?

Discussion created by generalhoon on Sep 13, 2019
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Hi, i was wondering if I can get anybody's input about these results with Prime95 and Ryzen 3700x. Just to give a little bit of background, I have never used prime95 before or any of these programs before so I could possibly not be using this program correctly. I actually just built the system about a week ago, and everything seemed to be running fine. Yesterday, when I turned on my computer, the diagnostic led for the cpu on my motherboard came on, but the system booted fine and everything ran correctly. So I decided use prime95 to test to see if my cpu actually had a problem, and when I ran it for like 20 minutes the test results are on the attached image. With ryzen master open to make sure the thermals weren't getting to high. What I noticed on the results were that worker 1 and worker 2 had pretty much instantly had a fatal error and the test stopped for those workers, but everything else seemed to be continuing the test just fine. On Ryzen master, core 1 seemed to have a much lower frequency than the other cores, and from looking at the graph that core would occasionally hit the frequency of the other cores but then after a few seconds would lower itself, compared to every other core. Now I was just wondering if this was normal behavior with Prime95 just because worker 1 and worker 2 had stopped itself in the test or does this mean that the CPU was having some problems that I might need to look into. This was ran on the blend option on prime95. Also this was ran on default setting, didn't do any overclocking, and is running without xmp on the RAM, just normal out of the box motherboard settings. I also read that the memory could affect this so I ran the windows memory diagnostic and it didn't find any issues. Any input would be greatly appreciated. 


System specs:

MOBO: X570 Aorus pro wifi

CPU: Ryzen 3700x with stock cooler

RAM: GSKILL TridentZ Neo 3600

GPU: RTX 2700 Super