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Laundry list of renderer features that is missing or would be nice to have

Question asked by voidcore on Sep 13, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2019 by jl5086

( In reference to the version released at siggraph 2019)

Hi, I have been alpha/beta testing RPR for more than a year. it is good to see the constant progress but for my needs there are still a lot of features missing.

This is just from a pragmatic point of view  that for a fact hinders me from using the renderer outside of beta testing and bug reporting.

The following is the most pressing ones that I come to think of any time I try to do something using RPR:

(All of these have been reported in one form or the other as bugs or feature requests.)

Can you give any feedback on this?



- trilinear/box mapping for things like CAD, arkviz and concept art where we don't want or can create UVs

(current implemtation doesn't work at all)

- Sampling from equirectangular images (like 360 captures) 


Volume rendering:

- homogenous volumes for things like distance fog, atmosphere etc

- hetergenous volumes that can use VDB data and built in noises

(current inmplementation supports only a limited set for smoke sims etc, no VDB no fog volumes for atmosphere)


Procedural noises:

- need at least some kind of 3D fBM, turbulent noise. For use in volumes and mixing of materials for example

- preferable advanced noises 

(currently only very basic 2d noise)


Other Nodes or part of nodes:

- Hue/Saturation node that works. For tweaking colors of textures etc.

- Object ID for setting per object properties like giving variation in shaders

- Transform betwen object space and world space . Especially useful for having box/trilinear mapping "hanging on" to an object or using world space.



- possibility to set colors of the sky to unrealistic colors for effects (like creating a "Mars" sky or and underwater environment) The filer/tint is not enough here.


Displacement mapping

- It just doesn't work in a meaningful way at the moment.


Vertex colors

- use attributes on vertices for color or other uses 


Other features that would be nice to have that I have not reported before:

- 360/180 fisheye camera to create "domemaster" format renderings (hemisphere rendering)

- bevel shader/rounded corners without the need to change the geo.


Best regards