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ReLive Broken on all drivers for RX 5700/XT GPUs?

Question asked by lordstreetguru on Sep 12, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2019 by lordstreetguru

Just did a fresh install of window for the RX 5700 I got in today. It works fine in every way, except that ReLive is totally broken, sometimes I can get it to hook into the game, but that's currently just failing, the overlay in game is extremely laggy or non functional depending on the driver.

The biggest issue is not being able to use the replay feature, as it causes the game to turn into a black screen if you alt-tab out of a game. It can sometimes be saved by manually clicking into the game window(no border mode) but we really shouldn't be having any of these issues on a $350-450 GPU.

My RX 580 handled this without issue, so I hope this gets resolved soon lest I end up returning the RX 5700 and just seeing what else comes out. Currently on 19.9.2 but it seems like people have been reporting the issue with the previous drivers as well.

Also Eposvox wants you to fix your other media encoding stuff outside of hevc. Would be a nice back up if that worked properly anyways given that ReLive is currently broken.

Tried DX11 vs 12 already for this as well and it's more certainly a driver level issue.