Freesync Fickering with every monitor

Discussion created by ozozuz on Sep 12, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2019 by koszalek

Hello guys, i have a Vega64 and since my olrd monitor broke i'm having terrible flickering with any one one i try.
I tried the C34F791, know to have some problem with flickering (shoudn't have any with vega), terrible in any range.
Then i tried the C34H890, same story.

So i changed monitor category and bought a C27HG70, know to have NO flickering at all, same problem, terrible flickering as soon as i turn on freesync.

I tried different driver, from the latest beta to the old whql 19.5.2 (that i'm currently running with no success), what can i do? I was no sure about the first two but the C27HG70 should be 99% flicker free, i even changed dp cable but nothing changed.

Any help?