5700 XT (19.9.2) Multi Screen Windows Login Crash

Discussion created by leeb on Sep 13, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2019 by micke1m

Hey Everyone,


I've read a huge amount on this issue and i am yet to find a solution.


When having more than 1 screen enabled of which i have 3 upon restarting the Windows Login Screen crashes and the system becomes completely unusable.


The only work around i've found up to now is to remove the 2 other screen physically from the back of the machine and restart with 1 screen enabled then attach the other two.


This issue occurs in both Eyefinity and without Eyefinity, I recently changed from my Nvidia cards over to ATI due to the latest hardware that AMD have released of which i'm amazed by the performance however these bugs and issue do need to be resolved ASAP.


Simply enabling more than 1 screen causes windows to crash upon startup is crazy IMO.


Can someone from AMD or anyone "in the know" advise on what causes this problem and a potential fix?


Best Regards,