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HDR/Freesync 5700 XT on Samsung Q60R regression in 19.9.1 (and .2) drivers

Question asked by aigarius on Sep 13, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2019 by bugzbunny

I am using 5700 XT on Windows 10 connected via HDMI to Samsung Q60R 65" TV. This TV has the options of having Freesync and HDR as well as 1440p@120Hz resolution capability. This used to work on previous versions of the Radeon driver (a week ago) with my 5700 XT video card, but after upgrade to 19.9.1 (also checked with 19.9.2) whenever I enable the "Input Signal Plus" option on my TV (which is a pre-requisite to enable HDR or Freesync), the system no longer is able to display a signal that my TV can understand. I get the "No signal" screen from my TV. Disabling "Input Signal Plus" brings the display back. I've been verifying this on 1080p@120Hz display mode. Switching to a 4k resolution also brings a "No signal screen" which it did not do in previous driver versions.


I tried reporting this with the AMD Problem Report Wizard, but the binary seems to be gone from my system after driver upgrade. Reinstalling Windows completely from scratch did not fix the issue.