5700XT issues, Wattman issues

Discussion created by dalarese on Sep 12, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2019 by frodofreeman

I cannot do anything in Global Wattman, the screen looks weird and you cannot edit anything or change anything. I attached a picture to show you. I have weird FPS issues with games, and they are random. I had it with Rocket League, and I changed it to windowed/borderless and it fixed it for a day. Then it comes back. Then I turned vsync off and it fixed it for a day. Then it goes back. Not the settings but the issues.


I have been combing these forums since I got the card and I have been having issues since I got the card.

I cannot undervolt, I cannot change any fan speeds, etc. MSI afterburner never even loads values into the program. (I am not using an MSI card but i heard you can still edit stuff through it)


I am very frustrated, I have changed XMP profiles for the ram to see if that was the issue, but I can put my old Vega 56 in and the system runs fine.


I am running out of options, I am thinking of replacing the mobo in case the connection to the card is bad. I took my riser out, I cleaned everything properly (I work in electronics).....


I'm dyin here.... help me please.


Also please dont tell me uninstall and reinstall drivers, I have done this countless amounts of times cleanly and properly.