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Please explain release note on "Radeon Pro on Ubuntu 18.04.2"

Question asked by jstateson on Sep 11, 2019

at I see that

19.Q3 release is driver amdgpu-pro-19.10 but the release note says to use driver 18.20 (an older driver) for

quote "Customers who have upgraded to the latest 4.15 Kernel for Ubuntu will need to use an 18.20 based driver such as Radeon™ Pro Software Adrenalin Edition 18.Q3 for Linux"


If I understand this correctly, then, if I upgrade to the newest kernel, I should be using the older driver "18".  Is that correct? It seems very strange.  Seems like the word "not" was left off of that phrase.  However, those instruction occur in other places and are all related to liinux.  I would like to use the newer driver, the 19q3 so which linux kernel can it be use with?  .I am not an expert on linux.  If that 19q3 it can be used only with older kernels, where do I go to get an older kernel?


I am having great difficulty getting Ubuntu 18.04.2 and especially 18.04.3 to work with my S9000 and S9100 boards using OpenCL.


is --OpenCL=legacy,pal --headless the correct command line arguments for S9100 or S9000 boards.  What is the significance of the "pal"


Thanks for looking.