Surround sound stops working in a game after installing new GPU

Discussion created by walorda on Sep 11, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2019 by ostfriese213

As the title says my surround sound stops working properly after starting a game (The directions are completely wrong), this happened after i installed my new 5700 XT. i did a windows reset and reinstalled my drivers for Creative sound Blaster Z sound card , disabled onboard HD audio, disabled amd audio drivers in device manager: sound,video game controllers. I only have the playback device sound blaster Z in windows audio which should be correct. My monitor has an speaker as well but its disabled. i am using a Display port cable.


Everything works fine when i start windows but the moment i Join a game in apex legends my surround sound is completely wrong and off with all directions(like it changes something when i join a game because after i quit the game it is still wrong).