RX 480 Weird "flickering" graphical bug

Discussion created by nedakthered on Sep 9, 2019
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Recently I started having some problems with my graphics. Things randomly pop in and out and applications flicker. For example I might be scrolling in chrome and i'll see my desktop shortcuts flicker through. Or My discord will get covered with black boxes until I somehow update the screen even just by clicking. I made a gif (2019-09-09 22-12-22 GIF | Gfycat ) that sort of demonstrates some of the issues I am having. The full screen flickers that you see are a result of OBS flickering while it is recording. My windows is up to date and I have tried reinstalling it. I have also used the AMD cleanup utility to uninstall all my old drivers and reinstall various different versions. I have tried different HDMI cables, BIOS updates, reseating my GPU, underclocking it, and everything else I could think of short of completely wiping my drives and clean installing Windows. Specs:


Ryzen 1500x


RX 480 4gb

Windows 10 home edition with the may update (1903 I believe)
16 GB DDR4 ram

MSI B350M Mobo

Most recent stable driver I was using was 19.8.1


The flickering does not happen when in safe mode/ without any AMD drivers installed