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Calling all 5700(xt) owners! what are your clocks at setting lower than ultra?

Question asked by moseskhan on Sep 10, 2019

I'm curious how many people are having this issue of low clock speeds. so far, everyone i know who has gotten a 5700xt is getting poor clock speeds on anything but ultra settings in any game. the only time ive seen my card (Sapphire pulse 5700xt) hit 1900+ clock speeds is on max settings in overwatch. now i dont have a large game library to test so im asking the community for their results in other games. while ive had people say things like "your card is bored" - this is not at all what is happening. if i apply the same settings that i used for my rx 570 to max framerates in games to my 5700xt, it does not get as good of fps as my 570 did at the same settings. the reason is obvious, the card downclocks the second you reduce settings below ultra. overwatch at medium high settings on my 570 got 155+fps - on my 5700xt it gets 140 while sitting at 1100mhz and wont go higher. same story in destiny 2- medium low settings resulted in 100+ fps on my 570. the 5700xt at the same settings gets 70-90fps and sits at 900mhz. destiny 2 wont hit max clock speeds ever. if i set everything to ultra it averages 1600mhz and sits between 100-130fps (higher fps than medium low settings).

needless to say this is very frustrating as the reason i got this card was to get 144+fps at 1080p in anything i play. as it turns out now i can only get above 144 fps in overwatch at high or max settings. and wow classic (which hilariously sits at 100mhz while getting 160-200fps.)