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So I'm building this machine for a friend of mine. I'll post all the specs below.  And it's been running great for the past week while I ran a bunch of games on it for my normal "Break-in" procedure, and then formatted the SSD, and preformed a CLEAN install of Windows 1903.  One windows was done, I went to Gigabytes page and downloaded all the drivers and tools / features that come with the board.

After the Chipset drivers were installed, I moved onto the Radeon Drivers. (As you and I know this has onboard Vega Graphics).. The Installed launched like normal, asked me if I wanted to do a "Clean" install so I said "YES" and selected the option to automatically download and install the latest drivers right then and there.  After about 10mins, I could see the install was just about complete.  Next thing I know, BOOM!!! The entire screen is PINK/PURPLE!!!!!! I can still see my mouse, but NOT most of the washed out Windows 1903 desktop.  After a power off with the power button press (Yes it shut down, it wasn't a hard off) and another press of the button to turn the system back on, it boots back up into Windows and looks NORMAL Again!!! 

Has ANYONE Else seen this??? 

I'm also getting a message in the Windows Notification Center that says" Radeon Settings has detected that one or more high-DPI panels are connected to your system. Enabling Virtual Super Resolution Will increase you resolution and all you to custo.... And then I can't read anymore of it from there....

Anyone know what this is about too??


Current Driver info from DevMan:

Provider: AMD

Date: 9/3/2019

Ver: 26.20.13001.50005