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r5 220 System Error(?

Question asked by i'mwizard28 on Sep 9, 2019

i have an radeon r5 220 2gb , i putted it in my pc correctly and later turn on the pc, later 2 min (hdd problems :-/ )

i putted the cd into and run it, installed the automatic setup and reset like the installation guide tell me to do, when it turned on the system said me : error , drivers or space in disc or specification is not ok, 

i find the file to win7 , 32 bits only, installed and reset, anything, the problem still , i try to install the radeon program and pam, blue screen , ***

deleted all drivers with cleanup utility, and installed again, try to install again and pam,blue screen again, 

i downloaded the file drom this page, and anything, the problem still too


i cant use my gpu and idk whats the problem


thx for read me and sorry for the bad english , im from arg