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High GPU usage during MPEG2 / h.264 video decoding (RX 5700)

Question asked by blindpanic on Sep 8, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2019 by jokbon

I am attempting to watch live TV using a Hauppage tv tuner and am getting terrible performance.  While watching one video stream of MPEG2 at 1080p I'm getting nearly 50% GPU usage and experiencing tons of stuttering with no other applications running.  Really disappointing for a brand new GPU/CPU combo.


RX 5700 reference (19.8.2)

R5 3600

ASUS Prime X570 Pro  ABB


I've put up with the BSODs, freezing, lack of hardware acceleration etc. - but when a $350 GPU in 2019 can't decode one 1080p video stream with reasonable efficiency and a consistent frame rate something is seriously wrong. Any help is appreciated.