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RX 580 causing increased CPU usage

Question asked by jags on Sep 8, 2019

I just upgraded from a 1050ti from team green to a RX 580 8GB from team red.  I am not sure why but my system has 2 different issues coming up depending on the game in use.


Test Scenerio 1: Apex Legends - I found this game to be stable on my 1050, low to medium settings would usually max out the card.  When I switched to the 580 I found the card is also maxed out at these settings, according to Task Manager it isn't memory being worked but 3D is maxed out.


Test Scenerio 2: World of Warcraft - became a CPU intense screamer with the 580 installed and only utilizes 15% capacity on the GPU, but on 1050 I could use the same level of settings as the shooters and find the GPU had high usage but the CPU never went over 40%.  


Am I missing something in Wattman that could stabilize this?  With graphics settings the same on both card options the piddly 1050ti was may more stable and easier on my R5 1600, why is a much better graphics card dumping the load onto my CPU in one game and taking it all in another without increasing the game system demands?