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5700xt vsync not working "in game"

Question asked by johnny19734 on Sep 8, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2019 by johnny19734

I have the new 5700xt and I cannot enable v-sync "in game" It cuts the frame rate to 37 fps.


  • My Monitor is an LG 34WK500-P @ 75hz FreeSync via HDMI


I've recently learned that the "AMD driver v-sync" setting only works on open-GL enabled games which is bizarre.




Currently my best setup is:


  • FreeSync on w/v-sync on in the AMD driver.
  • V-sync completely off in game.
  • If the game lets me, cap at 73 to let Freesync do its thing.


Unfortunately if the game doesn't natively let me cap my frames specifically two frames below 75, then it's no good and I'd rather use v-sync.


  • FYI, my driver is 19.9.1


Does AMD plan to address this? If so, when? Is anyone having the same issue?