My Feedback On My 5700 XT

Discussion created by zachal84 on Sep 8, 2019
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*My own topic was: Dont buy the Radeon 5700 or bring it back to the Reseller, because its BETA"*
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*My Card WAS a Sapphire 5700 AMD Design. (non XT)*

When you come to this Forum, you know, there is something wrong with your card.
And to help you, i made this Topic. Dont try yourself, to find the Problem with different Drivers or Software.
You bought a Product and want, that it runs.

Things you have to live with, when you dont switch NOW:

Bluescreens, Blackscreens, Game Problems, not optimized, crash on startup, crash ingame,
Freesync problems, Hz problems, enhanced sync problems, horizontal line problems (not vsync lines)

over 10? Years ago, at the AMD hype, i had another AMD Card full of problems and after months of waiting, i switched.
So after a long Green phase, i thought its TIME, to switch to a good price/performance new card.
FAIL. AMD you will never change in your GPU Marked....
Congrats to the CPU Team, you guys are awesome. 

Nothing more to say. See you on the green Side again. Im out of the Game.