Artifacting and crashes only after installing latest chipset driver...

Discussion created by arel203 on Sep 8, 2019
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Hi guys!
So, specs are...


ASRock X370 Taichi

Ryzen 1800X

XFX Vega 56


All the latest BIOS are running fine, no special overclocking. CPU is running stable at 3.8. Vega 56 is slightly undervolted, no OCing, been stable for months.


PC has been running up until a few days ago it began artifacting and crashing after zero changes. Now, Windows may have updated the drivers without me knowing. I thought I had disabled all of that garbage but I could be wrong, so how this problem began has me worried about placebo. I can't verify either, because when the issues first began, I had no problem with immediately reformatting. This PC is mainly used for gaming so I never keep much software or things on it to worry about.


Once I reformatted, I did the usual, disabled all Windows updates for drivers via group policy and registries. Completely updated Windows before installing chipset drivers and display drivers from AMD website. Never did any overclocking/tuning/undervolting. Start a game, artifacts like crazy, crashes... Yadada, that was on the latest optional display driver.


Move on to DDU, uninstall the display driver, install the old, same thing, only now it's also not even starting AMD software. Catalyst shows up taskbar but gives an error and wont open. Restarting doesn't help, shutdown, bios resets, tried to even reseat the GPU. Nothing.


Ended up reformatting a second time. Did everything the same but installed only the last stable non-optional driver. No issues immediately. I'm thinking great? Was it a fluke? Blah blah blah… Start reinstalling everything; I install the latest chipset drivers, go back into a game. Same crap, crash, artifacts, display driver crashes and wont ever start again... ***.

Again uninstall both drivers. Install only the display, and its been seemingly running fine the past 24hrs. Albeit with seemingly slightly less performance, likely because i'm not running all the drivers I need.

I will say, I haven't installed older chipset drivers. Honestly I am just happy to have it running atm.

But, has anyone experienced this? I've been googling around, checking reddit, etc, haven't found a similar issue to mine.


Also as a note, now that it's running the GPU is handling high load stress tests no problems.